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Were you there? Did you spend a short, or a long time at St Edwards? Did the life leave memories with you? Please do contact us and tell us your story. Stories from the boys are many and varied and because of the passage of time, put together in dribs and drabs to build a whole.
The boys' stories are at this wiki cheswardine.pbworks.com and we have put a few in this site to get your thoughts moving.

Past pupils and others are cordially invited to go to the wiki and assist in compiling the story of St Edwards College Cheswardine Hall during its period as a place of Christian Instruction and the impact that the life had on them.

Take part in "get togethers" and organised reunions to refresh memories and meet others who experienced that special something.

A brief history

Cheswardine Hall has a history from about 1800.
The overall property was broken up and sold several times over the years. A detailed history of the Hall, up to the present day, can be found at Cheswardine Manor

The Hall was purchased by the de la Mennais order in 1950 and remained in their hands until 1968. At that time the remaining boys moved to the school in Liverpool.

The property was given over to an approved school for a time and has been run as a high quality home for the elderly, by the Poole family, since 1985 Cheswardine Hall, whose owners kindly gave us permission to use their pictures.

Do you remember any of these names? They are already contributing to the wiki's content.

Clive Baugh - Michael Billington - John Brownridge - Jimmy Coffet - John Coffey - Mike Hobbs - Michael Hoskinson - Jim Howley - Kevin Kerrigan - Steve Cunnane - Pete Finnerty - Gerard Giguere - Tony Grant - Terry Harrington - Austin Hargreaves - Barry Kirwan - Andy Kyte - David Lamont - Tony Martin - Andrew McGrady - Tony McPhail - Ray McTernan - Paddy Monaghan - Grattan Obrian - Martin Ryan - Brian Slattery - Tom Taylor

Do come and join us and help in resurrecting those memories from our formative years. Click on the wiki link, let John Lodge sign you in and then wade through the huge amount of data compiled so far.

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