Saint Edwards Cheswardine Old Boys Reunions - past and upcoming events:

Some of those who left St Edwards retained contact with others who may have left earlier or who left later.

These contacts enabled various attempts to create interest in encouraging others to make contact. During the last number of years meetings and small gatherings have taken place, but on a relatively small scale.

One of the purposes of the wiki and this website is to encourage and enable past brothers, novices, scholastics and students to meet at any place that is convenient. During 2012 an organised reunion took place on 13th July. It was held at the Munro Pub in Liverpool; this event was attended by 10 Old Boys and three brothers.

3 of the boys met up later in July, in Epson.

In March 2013 a couple of the boys decided to meet up and posted a general invitation to anyone else who might like to join them.
This invitation resulted in eleven more lads joining them in Huddersfield at the Munro Pub.

This year (2013) a special reunion is in progress of being organised to visit Cheswardine Hall.

If there are any other Old Boys who would like to join in and, perhaps, have a once in a lifetime opportunity, then please do go to the wiki and get signed up.

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